4 Adorable Baby Halloween Costume Ideas To Inspire Busy Moms

4 Adorable Baby Halloween Costume Ideas To Inspire Busy Moms

As working moms, being involved in every little holiday for our kids is....awesome but hectic to say the least!

And don’t get me wrong, Halloween is a fun holiday! Costumes, creepy shit all over the place, kids running around… I mean, you gotta love it.

With every holiday though comes anxiety and stress. Planning the costumes, the decor, the cooking, the activities - it is A LOT. Especially as a working mama, juggling these tasks isn’t easy.

But the point of this article isn’t to get you all flustered! Instead, we’ve compiled our top 4 Halloween costumes for baby to get you inspired this year. We encourage you to have fun, get creative and actively participate with your kiddos (even if that means taking a bunch of pictures)!

Here are 4 adorable baby Halloween costumes to inspire busy, working moms:

1. Baby Candy Corn:

baby acorn costume
Image source: Betsy Garcia/Juan of a Kind Creation


Shop the look: This candy corn hat is perfect for baby’s first Halloween! It’s super simple and keeps their lil’ head warm.


2. Classic Baby Onesie Costume

baby twin condiment costume

Image source


Shop the look: These onesies are adorable for twins. This coffee onesie is another cute option if you don’t have a #2!


3. Baby Lion Costume

baby lion onesie costume

Image source


You can’t go wrong with a cute animal costume for baby!

Shop the look: This lion baby costume is handmade with velvet and plush. Also, Costco is always a haven for one-stop-shop animal costumes for baby.


4. Baby Working Uniform Costume

baby scrub halloween costume

Image source


Take some cute baby pics before they decide that being a doctor is probably not for them (LOL!). No, but seriously - this scrub costume is priceless.


Shop the look: This infant scrub costume is handmade with cotton, fabric, thread and vinyl.

Feel free to get inspired by your occupation! Some ideas: baby lawyer, baby police, baby nurse, and the list goes on!

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