Slinging into Back To School

Slinging into Back To School

Can you believe how quickly summer is coming to an end?

It’s gone fast – like stupid fast.

It means that Halloween is just around the corner, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas…

But first – It’s BACK TO SCHOOL! YIPPEE!

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was just a teeny bit excited about it.

I love my kid, but this mama is EXHAUSTED. I need a break!

But I’m not super psyched about the early mornings, battles over what to wear, packing lunches, endless reminders about homework…

I am excited about how the True North slings and wraps can make the lives of my fellow moms of little ones just a tad bit easier as they wrangle their school-aged kids out the door.

With baby safely stowed away in our world-famous triple ring sling with unparalleled comfort and style or snuggled up in our woven wrap, you’ll have your hands free to grab backpacks, umbrellas, shoes, and lunches. And then there’s that always precious first day of school hug. No first day of school is complete without it.

Our Single Slings will do the trick if you’re just wearing baby for a quick school drop-off. But if your morning is a bit more jammed pack (as it often is!), then our Triples, designed for extended babywearing, are a must-have. With endless carrying possibilities based on how you choose to wrap and tie off, our Wraps will help make your morning easier from the get-go.

This school year, it’s time to get comfy and stylish.

Order now and receive your sling or wrap within 5 – 10 business days in Canada and 5 – 15 business days in the US.

And don’t forget – True North Slings are now available with FREE SHIPPING!

If you sanity already has one foot out the door with the impending back to school reality making a swift approach (and trust me when I say I’m right there with you), I thought it might help us all to have a few tricks in our back pocket to pull out on the days when we want to pull our hair out. See what I did there?!

 Lay out clothes (including accessories) for the week every Sunday: I have a kid who changes their outfit six times before breakfast and this is something I’m definitely getting 100% behind.

Make a dedicated space for homework: Make one dedicated space specifically for homework so that everything they need to get work done, and everything they are working on, are all in one place. No more lost textbooks or papers! Or, at least that’s the idea.

Pack lunches the night before: Better yet, get your kids to do their own (if they are old enough). Nothing says a mom ready to snap like trying to pack lunches last minute in the morning and realizing there’s nothing to pack. Been there, done that.

Keep a checklist by the door: I 💗this one! After all, the hardest part of the back to school season is knowing if your kids have everything they need before they leave the house. Keeping a checklist near the door with essentials will ensure they don’t ever forget anything for school! You can make one general list or personalized list per child.

Establish daily routines: Children thrive with structure, so setting up a morning routine can go a long way in keeping things stress and headache free in the AM. When creating your routine ask yourself, “What time do we need to wake up each morning so we aren’t rushed?” “What can I prep the night before to make the mornings run smoothly?”

I hope these tips help you yell less, breathe more, and maybe even start to enjoy the back to school morning routine. I said MAYBE - I’m not making any promises here myself!

Do you have a tip to add? I’d love to hear it. Drop me a note at



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