True North Slings are high quality linen baby carriers handmade by Canadian moms. With a modern and minimalist aesthetic, True North Slings are designed to fit with your personal style while keeping your baby cool, safe and close. From newborns to toddlers our ring slings are perfect for the caregiver who wants to create a special bond with their little one while having her hands free.

True North Slings is committed to your safety and comfort. Our ring slings (fabric and rings) are tested by a third party lab and are compliant with both Canadian and American safety laws. They are weight and flammability tested to ASTM standards. We source high quality fabrics and carefully curate color palettes to match every caregivers unique style. Our vision at True North Slings is to give back the gift of hands to caregivers through access to a safe, affordable and fashion conscious baby carrier.

The Beginnings

True North Slings

True North Slings was founded by a true Canadian girl. Anali grew up on the prairies where she studied Interior Design and met her husband Dmitri. When Anali and Dmitri found out their family of two was to become a family of three, Anali began her search for the best baby carrier.

After some research it was clear that while linen ring slings were highly recommended, they were hard to come by in Canada. After a lengthy and expensive experience ordering a ring sling from abroad, Anali knew that there must be a better way. And just as Anali and Dmitri welcomed their beautiful son Alex into the world, True North Slings was born.

After Alex joined their family, Anali found the ring sling to be her go-to companion on all mom and babe excursions. From the grocery store, to neighbourhood walks and even a friend’s wedding, the True North Sling held a smiling Alex and kept Anali’s fashion game on par. The ring sling was more compact to travel with and simpler to use than alternative carriers.

When Alex experienced reflux (and turned into a bit of a night owl) the True North Sling helped Alex stay upright and comfortable throughout the day and into the night, even while nursing. The compact baby carrier allowed Anali to be hands-free while caring for a reflux baby who needed to stay upright and close to mom where he felt most comfortable.


As of March 2022, Anali and Dmitri passed the torch on to a new family in British Columbia, the owners of Mobobaby Products Co., Inc., Alison, Tom and Evana. 

Anali continues to remain involved with True North to provide community babywearing support, and Alison and co. are incredibly grateful for her advice and awesomeness. 

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